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The body is a SACRED garment... It is what you enter life in, and what you depart life with. And it should be treated with HONOUR

Martha Graham

Level:1 Intuitive Eating

This intimate 6 week live online weight management training is designed to support the woman who is ready to RECLAIM her confidence by reclaiming her divinely feminine body.!


Together, we repattern the negative thoughts within your mind AND within your body, giving you the choice of how much curve you want to keep while revealing a body of sacred power.


This program integrates into your life a customizable eating system that creates the space for effortless weight management and resiliency in your self-esteem, confidence and self worth.

You were born to live dynamic and free, and it is time that you OWN it.


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InnerVerse Connect is a movement focused on connecting you to your inner cosmos and guiding you to the fullest embodiment of your greatest self.


Charlene Smith (A.K.A. Queen C), founder and owner, is a Mindful Living Arts expert, specializing in teaching women how to harness, amplify and radiate Sacred Body Confidence from crown to sole!


She teaches you how to re-discover your body’s natural flow, your internal rhythm and embody the confidence buried underneath years of self-doubt, harsh criticism and stories of unworthiness. 

(780) 904-9932

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