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Personal &

Group Fitness Trainer 

Lena is a fitness model & body temple builder who specializes in bio-hacking to gain higher & stronger levels of performance.  Through mental, physical & emotional regulation by understanding the bodies unique chemistry & biology, she assists in optimization and achieving goals. Breaking through cultural constructs of what truly holds us back from living our best life, she is the founder of the “fearless as fuck” movement.  Creating opportunities to face your fears in safe containers, Lena is a master leader who is inspired to sculpt you into your best self.


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YTT 200 HR

Performer & Dance Teacher

Ayla Modeste (Shir Modesty) is a Nehiyaw, Gwich'in Dancer and Story Teller from Edmonton. She uses her dance training & love for connection to facilitate dance classes that explore expression in many movement forms including contemporary dance, burlesque & sensual expression. Iskwêtew Iskwêwak, a burlesque inspired performance group was created with Ayla & other Indigenous Womxn to bring sexual liberation into Indigenous Culture. Ayla has performed with many local Edmonton shows including;

Shumka's "Ancestors & Elders", Mile Zero Dance Performances, Azimuth Theatre Performances,

Nuit Blanche Edmonton, Edmonton’s Fringe Festival & Godessa. She is honoured to have the support from community members who acknowledge the importance of self reclamation through expression!


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Dance Instructor & Goddessa Performer


Zoii is a well-known choreographer who 

provides foundational exercises born from the basics of ballet.  

With over 25 years dance experience, she has performed on many stages, most recently as a dancer for Goddessa Entertainment.  Zoii has been hired several times to complete the dance portion of the physical education program in schools across Alberta, including Calgary Academy, where she met & trained Allie Bertram (the runner up for So You Think You Can Dance Canada).  Her most current project is studying Somatics in her teacher training course through Serenity Somatics.


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YTT 200 HR

Performer & Model


Layla has been whipping her way through Western Canada & beyond as a Yoga Instructor, burlesque performer, go-go dancer, flow artist & model. It is her ambition to cultivate an environment in which all people can operate as their ideal selves, whomever that may be. Through inspiring growth & acceptance through performance, art & self expression, it is her mission to energetically create the space that makes you feel viscerally alive & at peace. This wild child is both powerful & playful. When she is not slaying the stage, she is out in her community encouraging evolution through empowerment workshops & yoga. Her passion is working with women, sexuality, fostering safe environments for growth, expansion & liberation. It is her mission to help you access home & happiness within your body & self. Take a walk on the wild side & brace yourself: she’s exotic, erotic & impressively hypnotic.


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YTT 200 HR &

250 HR+ H.I.I.T. Pilates

Sam is continually bringing herself into the beginner mindset, even though she has has10 years of yoga practice under her belt & 

4 years teaching various styles of yoga and pilates. Venturing into new modalities to invite dynamic balance into her life, as well as encourage her students to do the same, she prides herself in helping students to explore their range of motion and strengths while modifying for their anatomical build.  Sam encourages her student's to “work with themselves for their selves, rather than against themselves.” 

A Little More About Us...

InnerVerse Connect (IVC) was born out of the concept that confidence lives in the body.  Through mindful movement IVC uses a variety of modalities facilitated by highly trained experts.  This passionate crew has the tools you need to embody the physical version of the self you’ve dreamed of.

Becoming a Master of your energetic state within your nervous system and energetic field is the key to creating a life that is fully expressed as your most authentic self, experiencing health, wealth, joy and absolute freedom in your body.  It is the heroic journey of returning back to the SACRED SELF. 

The Innerverse Connect approach is centered around supporting your transformation from personal pain into authentic connected power. A process of remembering that YOU ARE ENOUGH and that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Each practice is based upon tuning into your nervous system, training your neurological networks to stay online despite the levels of stress experienced by your mental, physical or emotional space on a daily basis. This approach is designed to create a body, mind and energetic field of resilience, sustainability and ever-evolving sense of fulfillment. Using the power of your breath, intentional & intuitive movement along with practical tools of mindfulness, we lovingly walk alongside you as you rediscover what it means to BE YOU.

This is your body, this is your story, this is your sacred journey. Welcome Home.


Charlene Smith (A.KA. Queen C), founder and leader of Innerverse Connect, is a Mindful Living Arts expert, specializing in teaching women how to harness, amplify and radiate Sacred Body Confidence from crown to sole! She teaches you how to re-discover your body’s natural flow, your internal rhythm and embody the confidence buried underneath years of self-doubt, harsh criticism and stories of unworthiness. 


Using the philosophies and tools from a range of practices including: Yoga, Mixed Martial Arts, Dance, Ayurvedic and intuitive eating, belief repatterning, breathwork meditations, and the inner intelligence that is within us all… Charlene teaches and guides you through yogic postures, sensual movement and africanist dance styles to free the cells of your body from the negative patterns of your mind. 


As a University of Toronto Alumni, certified and experienced Yoga Teacher with over 300 hours of in depth training, professional performance artist, and one time bodybuilding competitor, Charlene not only demonstrates the wisdom she teaches… she embodies it. 


She has been featured on Podcasts, TV shows and as headline performer/teacher for Festivals such as Astral Harvest and Alchemy of Womxn. Charlene teaches online programs and has presented on the topic of mindful living to schools and universities alike.  


Known by many as a spoken word artist, dancer/choreographer, singer/songwriter, rap artist, YogiDance creator, Twerk Master and overall performer intent on elevating the human consciousness through inspirational flow… Let Queen Char inspire you to your greatest self. 


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