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What happens when a Queen reclaims her inner kingdom by swaying her hips and flowing magic through her lips?! Poetry in motion baby. A sonic experience of style, sass and substance. A compelling exploration of the human experience, Charlee Queen’s performance leaves you feeling not only inspired, but activated within your power straight through your soul to your crown. 


While taking guidance from the intuitive nudges of her ancestors, Char’s words are deeply influenced by thought leaders, activists and ancient spiritual texts such as Maya Angelou, Rumi and the Tao Te Ching. But let’s not get it twisted, a 90’s kid through and through, her musical style throws you back to the vibes of Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Destiny’s Child, juxtaposing spiritual wisdom with an authentic hip hop and R&B flavour. Fusing dance, poetry, song and rap to invoke feelings of love, inspiration and cosmic unity, it's an experience that has been described as Performance Alchemy.  


Que in her sisterhood of soulfully led performing artists, Goddessa Entertainment, a multifaceted group of talented medicine womxn. As a co-director of this talented collective, Charlee has been one of the key pioneers in the expression: “Collaboration over competition”, showcasing the power of true community every time they hit the stage. Over the last five years, they have graced many stages in Alberta, headlining at Astral Harvest, opening up for AfroMan, starring at Comedy shows, National Galas and so much more. This sisterhood has been the foundation to Charlee’s courage to step into the limelight. Having grown up in a strict religious environment, daring to be seen hasn’t always been easy. 


Artistic expression has been Charlee’s method of healing; of breaking free from the barriers that are set out for a woman with dark skin… a woman not often counted in the standards of beauty, success or social desire. A woman whose ancestors survived so she may bring forth a new understanding of how we can be human here together on this planet. Spreading the gospel of One Love, collaboration and reconciliation, as the greats that came before her, there is no doubt that Charlee’s vibes will light up even the darkest of nights! 

Check out her latest song release & coming events here. 


Photography by Eva Wonders

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