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Class Descriptions 

The Roots
Explore and integrate the foundations of Hatha Yoga

Dive deep into the roots of yoga, learning the fundamental alignment cues in each posture. Deepen bodily
awareness, understand the functionality of the asanas (postures), and learn how to move in YOUR body.
Open to all levels, great for beginners.


Warm Yin & Mobility
Yoga for athletes & the recovering

Rehabilitation, joint mobility, recovery, oh my! The perfect practice after your training session.
Everything you need to bring your muscles, joints and mindset back to life. All levels welcome!
All Levels Happy Hips & Strong Arms Yoga
Feeling tight in the hips? This class is for you!
Perfect for the desk Jockeys and the sloths in us! A yoga based training class focused on mobilizing and
stabilizing your hip and shoulder joints.






Sensual Movement & Yin is a unique sensual flexibility experience curated for participants of all mobility levels. In this class we utilize yin yoga poses, modern dance techniques, breath-work, soulful music and intentional flow movement to enhance overall mobility, flexibility, balance and to tap into the sensual essence.

There is no prerequisite for this workshop/class.

Mindful Mobility & Strength
Wholistic fitness: Breathwork, muscle formation and range of motio

Taking time to activate and release your muscles. This class is completely focused on increasing your
flexibility, strength, length and range of your joints and muscles, while connecting to your own internal
A mastered combination of relaxation, breathwork and functional movement giving you a glow from the
inside, out.

Core Strength & Stability Yoga
Core, balance and strength

Building the foundation of your stability through Playful Challenging, flow based functional movement.

Candlelit Yin & Meditation Chakra Series
Explore the elements of Yin while diving deep into your energy centers

Always on the go or simply need a moment for yourself to reset? Perfect, this weekly class yin series is
for you!
75 minutes of Warm Yin Yoga in a soothing and calm ambience while consciously aligning the energy
centers of your body, commonly known as chakras. Starting at the root, each week will explore a different
chakra system using yin poses and guided meditation to help create energetic balance to support your
overall emotional, mental and physical well being.
Open to all fitness levels and abilities.



The Sculpt Series
Ballet & Sculpt - Yoga & Sculpt, Twerk & Sculpt Coming soon!

Do you find traditional workouts boring... but still want to gain strength and feel confident in your skin?
The Sculpt Series is a perfect way to explore movement, groove to good music, build muscle and burn a
massive amount of calories even after your workout is finished! Each week will feature Twerk dance,
Ballet basics or Yogic postures combined with resistance training and high intensity cardio bursts to get
your heart pumping, blood flowing and on many days... booty shaking!
Twerk & Sculpt: Incorporating the africanist movement of the hips with interval and strength training
Ballet & Sculpt: Using classical ballet techniques that are accessible to everyone with interval training.
Embody the grace and strength of a dancer in a no pressure, fun environment!
Yoga & Sculpt: Yoga, resistance and cardio all in one!


The YogiDance Series
Afro-Groove, Hip hop or Jazz Funk dance moves in a Yoga flow class!
Expression over perfection... A series all about stepping out of your head, and into your body!
Created by local yoga & dance teacher, Charlene Smith (Queen C), this series is designed to help you
build confidence in bodily coordination, musicality and flow. An introduction to simple choreography, all
the while building a body, mind and spirit of strength and grace.
*Hip Hop
*Jazz Funk


(EXPLICIT) Hip Hop & Core Strength Yoga
Vinyasa Flow Yoga to Hip Hop, RnB & Soul Music!

Core strength focused Yoga... building the foundation of your stability through playful challenging, flow
based functional movement.


Goddess Heels 101
Re-discover your Confidence, Sass and Style!
Want to feel confident not only walking in heels, but dancing in them too?! This class is designed to teach
you the foundations of heels from the IVC & Goddessa Philosophy, learning not only stance, stride and
balance, but authentic stylistic expression. Perfect for a beginner and seasoned diva.

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