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May 2021 Super Flower Blood Moon ~ The Art of Letting Go

Letting go of the person you thought you were, so you can be the person you were always meant to become...

This ain't always easy.

I've made every excuse in the book as to why I should stay friends with this person...

Continue to work in that place...

Settle for whatever is in front of me just in case something better suited for me doesn't come along.

After all... what if I am not worth what I truly desire??

What if I can't do what it takes to get it??

What if its too much for me to handle even if I do get it?!

It's amazing how our brains can use its imagination to paralyze us into fear. Make us feed the negative story so much, it begins to look like a truth.

But what I know for sure is this:

Confidence exists in movement... in the DOING.

You cannot receive your blessings if both your hands are full...

You cannot imagine a new life into reality if your brain is busy thinking about the past and calculating failures of the future.

Letting go asks 3 things of you:

#1: Trust.

Trust that there are things/people you cannot control. Trust that the universe has your back and is bringing everything to you that you need for your evolution. Let the divine intelligence that created you do the heavy lifting because in all truth… you wouldn't want that responsibility anyways! All you can do is remain focused on what you are creating and trust that you are doing what you need to do, learning everything you need to learn along the way.

#2. Remember that no one or thing is perfect.

That as you know better, you do better. I find relief in knowing that nothing is perfect, and that imperfection is what is so perfect about this human experience.. Not only can I let someone else off the hook for their behaviour… I can forgive myself too. Which is what this is all about… finding ways to fully love, accept and embrace yourself, so you can love and accept others.

#3. Knowing that letting go does not mean having zero boundaries…

It means you rather cultivate peace in your heart above all else. You create a place within you that NO ONE can disturb. Which means PROTECTING that peace from disharmonious actions, words and thoughts… even your own. You are your own gatekeeper. YOU decide how others love and treat you in the way that you love and treat yourself. Do not let the poisonous seed of resentment be planted in the garden of your soul for whatever reason.


This coming full moon is a Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse, bringing forth immense power for personal transformation and major changes in our lives… Are you ready for it?!

Starting at 7:00 pm MST on Wednesday May 26th, online via Zoom, we will come together for a long overdue booty shaking celebration of our body, mind and spirit. We will clear out stagnant energy through the breath; elevate our minds with affirmations and intentions while releasing any worry stuck in the body through playful movement.

Bring out the booty shorts or loose pants… whatever you feel beautiful in is PERFECT!

I know these times have been beyond challenging, and I invite you to simply show up for YOURSELF.

Show up for connection.

Show up for dance and celebration.

Show up for your mental health.

And/or show up for a simple smile and moment of self discovery.

This class is open to all levels, all genders, all people and pricing is per person. Please ensure that you have Zoom downloaded onto your computer or desktop prior to the start of class and have your camera on so that we may share this experience together!


Q. Char


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