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Morning Sessions

11:00 AM MST

Yang Yoga & Breathwork


Everything from Happy Hips to Twist into Bliss!

This Yang Yoga class will feature the active side of Yoga to invigorate your body and awaken your inner fire. We’ll be keeping the practice simple yet lively while featuring breathwork techniques to clear anxiety, depression and overwhelm from your body. 

48 hour replay is available for all registrants! 

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Evening Sessions

5:00 PM MST

Yin Yoga & Meditation


Always on overdrive and finding it hard to give yourself permission for self-care? Or maybe you have been feeling tension over our new norm? 


This practice of yin yoga and meditation will open you up to a whole new level of being, while introducing you to a practice of creating space within the mind and body. 

Yin Yoga is different from the popularized "flow" styles of yoga in Western society. In a yin style of class, we stay in passive postures for extended periods of time, activating your body’s natural healing system and focusing on lubricating your connective tissue. This practice is about slowing down and doing the deep healing work.

48 hour replay is available for all registrants! 

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