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And Embody Your Royalty

Sacred Twerk * Yoga * Breathwork * Sacred Body Confidence Training

Meditation, 1:1 Mentorship & Mindfulness Education



Queen C - Innerverse Connect 2

Hi! I'm Charlene Smith a.k.a. Charlee Queen XO, Founder of InnerVerse Connect

I am so honoured that you found your way here... maybe we have met at an event, out and about in the real world, or connected in the virtual world! However you got here, welcome home my love!

I am a performing artist
 & sacred movement teacher who teaches womxn and folx how to harness, amplify and radiate Sacred Body Confidence from crown to sole!

Here at InnerVerse Connect, we stay focused on connecting you to your inner cosmos and guiding you to the fullest embodiment of your greatest self. 

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Embodying Your Royalty means...

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YogiDance & Twerk

Here is where you will learn everything you need to tap into your divinely feminine self, dancing with the freedom, trust and expression of your body that you have always desired. 


Yoga dance flow (YogiDance) followed by Africanist & Caribbean dance grooves will bring you home into your own rhythm, while building a body, mind and spirit of strength & grace.


Creating sacred resiliency through movement, you will learn different twerk techniques, practice combos, dance choreography and utilize sensual embodiment practices that will take you from awkward uncertainty to authentic expression.

You will learn to question how you can navigate this Africanist movement in body-affirming ways outside of the standard Euro-centric context. We return the twerk back to its original context… sacred ceremonial space that celebrates the body rather than objectifying it.

This is a process of dismantling the patriarchal oppression of the feminine and reclaiming your body in a positive, uplifting and supportive environment.

Welcome to your SACRED JOURNEY!

Inner Oasis Yoga
Inner Oasis Yoga.jpg

Yoga from an Afro-Caribbean perspective

Inner Oasis Yoga with Queen C is a mindful movement journey to your inner oasis.


While the world is swept up in the storm, the principles of our mystic ancestors remind us that within us all is an oasis of peace, truth and divinity.


These four part series featuring both Yin & Yang styles of yogic movement, is designed with the intention of relaxing any fear based impulses of your nervous system, creating balance within your mind and harmony within your spirit. We are not defined by your circumstances, we are defined by our response to them. 



Each practice will incorporate Yang (active) and Yin (passive) components inspired by both the Indian Yogic Principles and philosophies from Ancient Egypt (Kemetic Yoga).


Each class consists of a kemetic inspired flow for body alignment, followed by yin yoga for a deep stretch & breathwork for clearing. 

Sacred Body Confidence Mentorship
Collective Smiles.jpg

Are you finally ready to say YES to YOU?!


YES to your desires
YES to your intuition

YES to your purpose

YES to your pleasure

YES to your TRUTH

To shift from social conditioning to SACRED LIVING?

To work, eat, laugh and play in a way that truly turns your ON??

Repattern your body, mind and soul language to sacred self love.

Receive the support you need to EMBODY YOUR ROYAL SELF...

Be CONFIDENT just as you are to live UNAPOLOGETICALLY


Change that job, keep the job... It doesn't matter when you tune into your POWER 

1:1 Mentorship is here for you to claim the keys to your Inner-Empire


 My Current practice is full. Accepting Applications for September 2021

Tracy image.jpeg

Tracy, YogiDance Twerker

I had the honour of participating in a full moon, twerk workshop with Char, and it was so magical. ✨ Char has a beautiful, radiant, fun energy and it was fun to twerk, release, write, stretch & flow with her and tribe. I first saw Char years ago, at a festival, although I never said hiiii so she likely doesn’t remember me. But I will say she is always smiling and welcoming! Thank you for holding the space, can’t wait for the next one!💜

Madison testimoniall image.jpeg

Madison, Sacred Body Confidence Mentee

I am nowhere near exaggerating when I tell you that Charlene literally changed my life. She arrived like an angel at a time when I needed her most. She helped me to find the connection between my mind and body, so that I was able to bring the peace and strength I found in her yoga classes to the rest of my life, whether it was managing my mental health, body confidence, relationships, or work. Not only is she an amazing teacher, but she brings light and love with her wherever she goes and to whomever she interacts with. I am so happy and honoured to have built a strong connection and bond with her over the years. Love you, Char!


Carlos, Sacred Body Confidence Mentee

Charlene has a way of always providing a wonderful space where you can move, play and express freely and authentically. Her Twerkshops and Egyptian inspired yoga classes known as Inner Oasis always leave me feeling tuned in, at peace, and just absolutely blissful! I highly recommend!


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